If this is the case, I believe the following quote from Jerzy Gregorek to be very relevant “Easy choices, hard life, Hard choices, easy life”.

So when does one make important choices in life?

If everything is going great one usually doesn’t question the status quo. If one is really unhappy personally or professionally, I believe one shouldn’t take any harsh decisions. As during that time, one isn’t objective.

A way to move from that non-objective status to a more objective status is to find tools around you to help you open your mind. The purpose of all this is to look at the challenges with a more positive attitude. This doesn’t necessarily mean the choices will be easy but at least you will have done a thorough reflection on which you only have the answers.

If we want to look towards our personal and professional life with optimism, we need to continue to be productive, we need to continually re-learn and re-skill throughout our personal and working lives. To support my note, end of 2016, I moved to Canada. As you can imagine, this decision was a hard choice to make. One year later, I am happy to have taken this decision. I am proud to be an Erickson Professional Certified Coach, I see professional opportunities that respond to my ambitions. As I would like to work, like my father did, with happiness as long as possible and certainly beyond the usual age of pension.

Finally, I wish you all for 2018:

a healthy year – a happy year in your personal and professional life as they have an impact on each other – a year where you may experience your wildest dream that will make you learn and grow

Warm regards,


Hugh van Praet

I help businesses and individuals to move forward.


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