March 8th, I had the pleasure to be interviewed by CJ at All Business Media FM.

Thanks CJ for the opportunity and your interesting questions regarding coaching.

You can listen to the interview here…/hugh-van-praet-03-08-18-gu…/

Key messages:

I am passionate to help people. After 25 years in the software and services industry, I strongly believe as a Certified Professional Coach that I can: “be a sounding board to a CEO”; “help professionals find their true leadership skills”; “help with regard to improving their communication skills”; “help to remain agile in this every changing world, this from a personal and professional perspective”

Personally, I am always very eager to keep on learning in all facets of my life.

Understanding why people are looking for a coach. What deliverables do they wish out of a coaching session? For me, it’s very important that after the coaching session, my coachee realised that he or she gained a lot vs not taking any action.

Finding the right coach is very personal. There is a fit or not, but there is a coach out there that will fit you.

Hugh van Praet

I help businesses and individuals to move forward.


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