Just imagine you are in the middle of a major career decision and it’s stressing you out? Please find hereby the video response.

Thanks, Debra for your question of last week: “how can we better take the leap?”

I have two suggestions for everyone:

1. Before making a decision, are you objective? Make sure you aren’t at the lowest point in the “inverted bell curve”. At the highest point, you are very happy, at the lowest point you are very disappointed/unhappy.

2. Visualise what values, traits, capabilities (depending on the scenario) are relevant to you. Write them on paper and scale/score them. If you are comparing two scenarios, score every scenario and see which one has a better score.

Alternatively, once visualised, you have a better idea on what capability to work which would have a positive impact on the rest.

I would love to keep it interactive. Please let me know which topic (personal growth & leadership) you would like me to cover.

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Thank you, Hugh

Hugh van Praet

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