What jobs do people love aren’t the ones you think.

As an ICF Certified Coach, I felt it was important to share with you a few important message of a book that I recently read.

Here is the Link to the video “What jobs do people love?”

There was a reason why I didn’t post a video for the last couple of weeks. If you wait until the end of the video, you’ll understand why I mentioning this with regard to the topic.

Following Dr. Cal Newport’s book/research “so good they can’t ignore you” the traits that people like in their professional life are quite universal.

Below points might be important to you professionally:

– Autonomy

– Mastery

– Impact

– Connection

– Creativity

We all want to have a job we are passionate about, though be careful to not only go for your passion because that would oversimplify a professional career.

You anyhow need to build mastery to have that strong base of what makes you unique.

My goal is to work as long as possible. Serve, support and help other people is very rewarding and keeps our mind and spirit young and keeps our brain vivid.

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Please be careful to follow coaches that emphasis your professional unhappiness to encourage you to work with them and set up your own business. You can find professional happiness as an employee and maybe within the company you are working for.

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