Just imagine you are in a coffee shop talking with your future-self 5 years from now. Will you be happy with your past “growth” mindset?

Below topics will be highlighted more in detail in following video.

3 characteristics for a growth mindset and, why we should seek this.

1. Visualize your future-self. Act in the present to reach that goal.

2. Seek perspective. All great leaders want to improve. Other people can give perspective. We are never very good at how other people see us.

3. Seek discomfort. Quote of Kurt Vonnegut “I want to stand as close to the edge as I can without going over. Out on the edge, I see all kinds of things I couldn’t see from the center”.

Why today’s video. I believe if you have a growth mindset, that this will energize you. What energized you in the past, might have dissipated. For the owner of a company, how do I hand over what I have built to my children in the best possible way? For a CEO, though I have objectives, how can I be a great leader to maximize everyone’s position? If I am in sales, am I energized by the solution I am positioning. Does it bring true value to my customer?

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