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Is there something you regularly do and, you know you need to improve?

Isn’t it great when you get some feedback from someone confirming the points to improve, even if you know them?

The positive part is you are open to positive “criticism” as you want to improve. But what are you doing to improve these points even faster?

We all know that top athletes and top executives have a coach as improving a specific skill requires practice, perspective, and perseverance. I’ll call it the 3 P’s. So why lots of us aren’t looking for external assistance to help with our challenges in reaching news goals or levels even faster?

What do you think? Any comments are welcome.

If you want to reach levels and you would like to brainstorm about it, I would happy to have this conversation. Please book a time in my calendar on this website.

With that, thank you for your interest in watching my video and, I’ll see you next week latest.



Hugh van Praet

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