“Win of the week”, and you can be part of it.

My goal with this video (LinkedIn & Guiding Progress FB page) is to introduce you to this “Win of the Week”, were positive or intentional communication, positive experiences, positive feelings and a positive way of working have helped you achieve targets even faster.

In today’s video, I’ll share with you how a small win and how it has help me get closer to my objective and, I will conclude by explaining how I see this group interaction.

Why “Win of the Week” :

1. I want to help you reach new levels or goals even faster. As a sales executive, I have always put lots of emphasis at celebrating small victories with the team. It has been successful for me and, I am sure you have great ideas on how we can reach targets even faster.

2. I want to improve employee engagement: link to Gallup Poll https://lnkd.in/ek9CmWb

My example of the week in the video.

Finally, I would love if you could join this group and share your small wins as I am sure lots of you have good ideas how to reach targets even faster and, how you have improved employee engagement.

Thanks. Hugh

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