My objective with this “Win of the Week” video (LinkedIn, Youtube & Guiding Progress FB page) is twofold:

1. sharing ideas on how people reached their goal within a defined time

2. what can be done to improve employee/personal engagement.

Why: in my experience, I have found out that sharing wins, small and or big, monetary, non-monetary, energizes people. When you have a team, it lifts up the spirits of the team, we feel more connected to work towards a common goal and achieve targets year over year.

I am thrilled to welcome Todd M. Pearson, an established N. American Headhunter with more than 17 years experiences and 2,000+ placements.

Please describe a recent win? Todd was happy to have found the right Head of Sales for a $50Mio company.

What skills, capabilities, values, external helped you reach that target? Understanding what didn’t work with the previous Head of Sales. Understanding the purpose of the ideal profile. Understanding where the company wanted to be in 5 years time.

Conclusion: I would love to invite young, experienced, c-level, none-c-level people to my interview. Sharing ideas keeps us energized and brings us closer to every objective.

Please reach out to me or plan a meeting in my agenda on my Home page or Work with me page.

Thanks, Hugh

Hugh van Praet

I help businesses and individuals to move forward.


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