Five soft skills in high demand, this 1st video is on creativity (LinkedIn link) and Youtube.


LinkedIn recently published a survey on global talent trends, highlighting important trends that are transforming our workplace. The one that with the highest score of importance is soft skills. Why are soft skills scored the highest? We have to adapt to a world where there is a rise in automation and artificial intelligence, as these technologies will take over some hard skill tasks.

Based on this LinkedIn data, they mention 5 soft skills that are in high demand. In today’s video, I’ll provide my thoughts regarding creativity.
While most people associate creativity with art and design, It’s, in fact, a skill that can be applicable to almost any role.
A couple of ways to increase your creativity:

– go for a walk, anyhow this works for me.

– become an expert, as when you become an expert, you’ll become even more creative to solve a solution or provide an answer.

– getting out of your comfort zone, you have no other choice to be creative.

Bringing creativity in your work brings more happiness. Do you agree?  

Do not forget, everyone can expand their soft skills.

I would be happy and honoured if we could have a conversation if you want to expand your soft skills and personal development.

Thanks, Hugh

Please find below the transcript of the video:

LinkedIn recently published a survey on global talent trends, highlighting the trends that are really transforming our workplace. First I’m really delighted that you’re taking the time to listen to these videos. So out of this report out of this survey, one of the really or the highest trend that is mentioned in this survey is the importance of increasing
your soft skills. And why is that important we all know that more and more hard skills are being replaced by automation and artificial intelligence and that’s the reason we all need to increase our soft skills. And the positive part is we all can do and work on that. In this survey, there are five soft skills that LinkedIn has mentioned. The first one that I will talk about today is creativity. They don’t really provide much information related to creativity, but I’ll provide my thoughts on how we can improve our creativity and it’s not only for the art people who in you know in an artistic area or in design but it’s really for everyone because creativity can be found in any type of job. How do I increase my creativity is every morning I do my sports and I go for a walk hopefully when it’s nice weather outside (otherwise on a treadmill ;)), and clearly when I go for walk it does help (with) my creative mind. The second one I would like to highlight is really trying to become an expert in what you’re doing. When I recall when I was in my early 30s I felt that after three years you know I was really in the same position I was really an expert. Luckily I stayed in these positions or for longer because this helped me increase my creativity in the field I was working in. And it can be in any area in sales as to how can you be creative in your proposals, in procurement it’s how can you negotiate even better of your supplier, in legal it’s how can you bring two companies together to reach a contractual agreement. So it’s really trying to improve also that expertise in your field of work. The third area is getting out of your comfort zone. Because if you become an expert sometimes you really need to get out of your comfort zone to increase that creativity. I realized after a certain time doing the same type of job for many years that I nearly needed to do something different to increase that creativity. So as a conclusion for me creativity is really important to have fun in what I do professionally I don’t know what it is for you but any comment below is welcome and, with that, I would like to thank you for listening to today’s video and, I look forward to providing you the second soft skill in the next video. Bye for now.


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