In this 4th video regarding soft skills in high demand, I covered adaptability. I would like to invite you to a period where you had applied for a new leadership position and, you weren’t selected. How did you react? Whatever feelings, thoughts you may have had, there were probably not that positive. Hopefully, you took some time to reflect and set-up a strategy to get out of it stronger.

In this example, I would like to propose three possible actions after that reflection time:

1. check with your manager why you haven’t been chosen. Understand what skills need to be improved – where do I need to adapt.

2. adapting isn’t easy, external help could be a way to speed up improving that skill and more importantly, anchor it as a new capability.

3. make small steps to improve this new habit. Don’t stay paralyzed by indecision and in-action.

To conclude, I would say if you aren’t moving forward, you are moving backward.


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Please find below the transcript of the video:

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I’m delighted you’re taking the time to
listen to this video. It’s the fourth

00:00:04,950 –> 00:00:12,269
video related to soft skills. As LinkedIn
says there are five skills soft skills

00:00:12,269 –> 00:00:17,330
that are in high demand and I’ve already
covered three of them: creativity,

00:00:17,330 –> 00:00:26,130
collaboration and, persuasion and, today I
will talk about adaptability. Just

00:00:26,130 –> 00:00:33,600
imagine you have applied for a new
leadership position and you have not

00:00:33,600 –> 00:00:40,010
been chosen, how will you adapt to that situation?

00:00:40,010 –> 00:00:47,850
These are my thoughts related to that I
would go and see the leadership (your mgr) or

00:00:47,850 –> 00:00:55,079
the management team and asked them why they did not take you. Ask them what skills need

00:00:55,079 –> 00:01:02,160
to be improved and once you know that
you can ask the company to say ok I

00:01:02,160 –> 00:01:07,500
would love to have let’s say a coach,
because that’s what I do, to improve that

00:01:07,500 –> 00:01:17,250
specific skill. If they do not want to
invest in a few coaching sessions then

00:01:17,250 –> 00:01:22,650
you understand that you might have to
listen to plan B. But just to put this

00:01:22,650 –> 00:01:29,220
into perspective coaching sessions is
really not expensive when you think

00:01:29,220 –> 00:01:36,600
about the fact that, if they really
believe in you and, they have to find

00:01:36,600 –> 00:01:43,649
someone else should you leave. That cost
is going to be far greater. So if they do

00:01:43,649 –> 00:01:48,930
not want to invest into you then you
then there is plan B and there too you need to

00:01:48,930 –> 00:01:57,390
adapt. You need to improve the skill that
is required to get to that next level, so

00:01:57,390 –> 00:02:04,610
you have to invest in yourself if you
want to find happiness professionally. And

00:02:04,610 –> 00:02:10,140
adaptability, I would say as a third
point, is trying to put/do small steps to

00:02:10,140 –> 00:02:17,840
really move forward, you really have to
change certain skills and that can be

00:02:17,840 –> 00:02:24,920
done in through small steps (consistently – taking action). And as a conclusion, I would say if you do not

00:02:24,920 –> 00:02:30,770
move forward you really move backwards! So hopefully, it was useful this small

00:02:30,770 –> 00:02:38,840
little video related to adaptability and
with that I would like to thank you for

00:02:38,840 –> 00:02:42,890
listening to this video and I look

00:02:42,890 –> 00:02:50,709
forward to the next video. Thanks for now
and talk to you soon bye.

Hugh van Praet

I help businesses and individuals to move forward.


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