This 5th video is on time management, one of the 5 soft skills in high demand following an article published by LinkedIn. This is becoming a challenge for more and more people. We have to do more with the same time we have.

What do you do to improve your time management?

A few thoughts:

1. Something that works for me is to define: what is important and urgent, what is important but not urgent, what isn’t important but urgent and what isn’t important and not urgent.

2. What goals do I want to achieve within a given time and, what am I doing to stay accountable towards these.

3. Sometimes, you will have people who will interrupt you. Is it by phone, in a meeting, kindly say that you would like to finish what you are doing and, that you will get back to them when finished.

Isn’t there a saying, “Il ne faut pas remettre au lendemain ce qu’on peut faire le jour même.”

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Please find below the transcript of the video:

00:00:00,000 –> 00:00:04,890
I’m delighted you’re taking the time to
listen to this video. It’s the fifth

00:00:04,890 –> 00:00:11,700
video related to the soft skills in high
demand within the corporate –

00:00:11,700 –> 00:00:21,769
corporate world. In the previous videos I
talked about creativity, collaboration,

00:00:21,769 –> 00:00:28,830
persuasion, adaptability and, the last one
which I will cover today is time

00:00:28,830 –> 00:00:35,280
management. Why do you think that the
corporate world wants you to be very

00:00:35,280 –> 00:00:39,899
efficient with regard to time management
to be able to set your priorities?

00:00:39,899 –> 00:00:45,870
Because they’re probably asking you to
do more with because there are fewer people

00:00:45,870 –> 00:00:51,719
so you have to do more in the same
amount of time. So everybody has got its

00:00:51,719 –> 00:00:56,910
way of working I’m sure you are very
efficient I’ll just show you my thoughts

00:00:56,910 –> 00:01:03,989
on on this topic. I look at it, I’ll share
you three points

00:01:03,989 –> 00:01:09,630
the first point is maybe putting it in a
grid: so what is important and what is

00:01:09,630 –> 00:01:18,990
urgent, what is important and not urgent,
what is not important but urgent and,

00:01:18,990 –> 00:01:24,630
what is not important and not urgent.
Maybe what it may be the third one

00:01:24,630 –> 00:01:29,520
because I already had that question what
is not important and urgent. It could be

00:01:29,520 –> 00:01:34,680
for example an invoice of course they’re
always important because you do have to

00:01:34,680 –> 00:01:43,020
pay them but it’s not really important,
you understand what I mean. The second

00:01:43,020 –> 00:01:48,720
thing I would do is if your agenda is
less packed then you get quickly

00:01:48,720 –> 00:01:56,630
distracted anyhow that’s my challenge, I
get distracted. So I try and have three

00:01:56,630 –> 00:02:02,610
tasks that I would like to do within the
day at least three tasks that I set

00:02:02,610 –> 00:02:07,229
myself as an objective and like that I
really have the impression I’m moving

00:02:07,229 –> 00:02:13,560
forward to my overall objective. And the
third point I would like to hide

00:02:13,560 –> 00:02:18,630
light is and, I think I was quite good at
that but I saw some people around me who

00:02:18,630 –> 00:02:24,000
had challenges in that area because
they’re really good and very kind. Is

00:02:24,000 –> 00:02:30,810
when someone you know asks you something and you’re working on something really

00:02:30,810 –> 00:02:37,080
important. It’s just to tell them you
know, can I get back to

00:02:37,080 –> 00:02:41,610
you. I want to finish this first and then
I’ll be happy to help you.

00:02:41,610 –> 00:02:46,769
So really set your priorities first and, of course, if there’s really

00:02:46,769 –> 00:02:52,799
something very very urgent, you you’ll be
there to help them but you know people

00:02:52,799 –> 00:03:00,989
can sometimes wait to get an answer
to their specific question. So this is

00:03:00,989 –> 00:03:07,080
the last soft skill
that is in high demand so time

00:03:07,080 –> 00:03:12,900
management. I would say really time is
money you know every day you you’re not

00:03:12,900 –> 00:03:18,660
effective this is a lost day. So please
don’t have any regrets and really

00:03:18,660 –> 00:03:25,350
move forward in what you want to achieve as a person and

00:03:25,350 –> 00:03:33,900
as a company. With that, any comments are welcome I thank you for listening and I

00:03:33,900 –> 00:03:40,700
look forward to talking to you next time.
All the best and bye for now.

Hugh van Praet

I help businesses and individuals to move forward.


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