Soft skills open doors to many possibilities. They have always been important and an area in which we all can improve. Though hard skills are important, we do see a trend that these are being replaced by automation and AI.

In our daily life, we know how important it is to communicate effectively; to be understood, to engage, to understand ourself, to persuade and, more importantly, to emotionally connect with others.

Thanks for your interest in my 5 blogs/vlogs on soft skills in high demand following LinkedIn’s report.

I have written this blog after the ones I published following LinkedIn’s report, as I would like this article to be a base of thoughts and ideas of you on this subject.

Any additional thoughts will follow in the future.

Soft skills open doors to many possibilities.



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You can find the 4 other blogs/vlogs here:

Collaboration, persuasion, adaptability, time management

A few important thoughts:

Let’s be clear: hard skills matter. A programmer needs coding skills and a translator needs language skills to succeed at the most basic level of their jobs. But since there are often clear, consistent ways to evaluate these hard skills, there’s less of a chance that someone without them could slip by and get hired.

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