I’ll use the importance of Emotional Connection when introducing myself.

I have been self-employed for a bit more than two and a half years.
As an employee – executive, it was always easy to introduce myself when asked: “What do you do?”. Now that I have my own business, it has been “harder” to respond to that question. I have introduced myself in different ways over the time, “I am an Executive Coach & Consultant”; “I work with leaders to help them maximize their potential and productivity”; … Lots of different introductions, but not really in line with my values and purpose.

As a consultant and coach, I believe I can help people and organizations in many areas. In Canada, I have been told to be more specific (= sales, high-tech, B2B, growth, ICF certified coach, …). But my work until today has been helping individuals and companies in different sectors. Is it to improve a skill or inspire my clients to gain more insight into what they want to achieve or how to accomplish it.

Quite recently, I felt it would be good to include feelings, emotions into my introduction. As mentioned above, my real purpose is to help individuals and companies grow, help them connect better.

Recently I googled emotional connection and read an article written by Sanjana Lagudu and can be found here. I connected with her first phrase “Emotions are what make us humans.”. In this same article, she explains why is emotional connection important. To name a few that Sanjana wrote are: “Conversations get interesting (and easier)”; “Trust, respect and security increases” and “Overall well-being increases”.

How do you build an emotional connection with yourself, your partner, business partner, friend, unknown?
There are many ways to do this, in tomorrow’s video I mention “can emotional connection happen in this location?”. I agree with Sanjana that being empathic plays a significant role in developing an emotional connection. en.

It’s for this reason that when asked, what do you do? I will try and include the following if it’s opportune: “I inspire leaders to harness the power of emotional connection to elevate performance. I work with them how to improve a skill (if that’s their intent), work on a group challenge or equip them with new insights to help them engage with people and goals more effectively.”.

Sure, this will continue to evolve, but this feels better, what do you think?


Happy to connect – please book a time in my calendar

Hugh van Praet

I help businesses and individuals to move forward.


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