Flow, the secret to Happiness.

In today’s video (LinkedIn, Youtube) I would like to share with you one of my biggest challenges for the moment. And possible answers to my challenge after having read what the psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi has written about it.

Would you like to reach that state of flow as much as possible?

My challenge is I can’t reach that state of flow when I do these videos. Now, you might not have a challenge when doing videos, but possibly in another area where you would like to reach that state of flow.

How does flow look like? According to Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, it’s when you are going back and forward between skill and letting go or release. You can also find a TED talk of him with the title “Flow, the secret to happiness”.

Possible solutions to reaching that state of flow:

1. Immediate feedback. Emotional connection with your audience does help to be in the flow

2. Strong concentration and focus

3. Less control

4. Complete focus on the activity itself

5. Activity is rewarding

As a conclusion, persistence and practice will help me reach that state of flow. A state where the total revolution will happen.


Hugh – www.guidingprogress.com

Please find the transcript of the video below:

Hello! Today I would like to share with
you one of my biggest challenges, and

possible solutions (possibly useful to you too) after having read what a positive psychologist Mihaly

Csikszentmihalyi has written about it.
One of my biggest challenges is I’m not

in the flow when I’m doing these videos,
and before you hang up you might not be

doing videos but you would like to
experience of being in a flow more often.

Now how does being in the flow look like, following Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi he

says, you have to have of course those
skills on one side, and being able to let

go and release on the other side. It’s
that one-liner that you have one day

said to an audience and you said from
where did that come from,

and that one-liner had a huge impact.
It’s that artist was able to compose a

song within one night, and by the way I’m
talking about my son and the day his

music is released I let you know. On my side I’ve done presentations and speeches for

a long long time, and in fact the last
two years weekly I have prepared or

improvised speeches that I do,
and I’m not talking about these videos

that I do for LinkedIn. So what are the
possible solutions for me? The first

thing he says is having instant feedback
from the audience. Now that’s going to be

very difficult with a camera (except life recording, but I am not ready for that ;)) as there are very little emotional connections than

compared to doing a speech in front of
an audience. The second thing he says is

I need to be more focused and,
concentrated when I do these videos. And

when I do these videos you know if it
doesn’t work the first time I could

eventually, do it again.
And the third thing I need to do is

controlling less when I do these
videos it has to be more natural. As a

conclusion I would say to myself I need
to persist and continue and practice

because then I will reach that state of
flow. A state where a total revolution will

be possible. Thank you for listening and,
I wish you all the best. Bye for now.

Hugh van Praet

I help businesses and individuals to move forward.


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