This video (LinkedIn, Youtube) is on pushing the boundaries in being yourself! Examples: do you like engaging with someone serious? My rigid LinkedIn videos (am not Hugh Jackman yet;)), are they inspiring? The person and I might have something interesting to say, but if the delivery isn’t there, the result won’t follow.

In this example, people like doing business with the basics (quality of product/services, trust, price) but the salesperson/coach/consultant needs to be enjoyable, trustworthy and interesting.

That’s why I feel strongly about my “professional” motto. Emotional connection with yourself and others is fundamental to elevate your performance.

Bear in mind, I am not saying emotional intelligence but, emotional connection. It’s all about connecting with you and others.

So in what way will you elevate your performance. You’ll know yourself better, knowing what areas you need to improve. You’ll know others better, which will help you engage and connect with them more naturally.

If you push the boundaries on being yourself, the sky is the limit.

Have a great rest of the week,

Hugh –

Pushing the boundaries in being yourself – Getting out of your comfort zone, I am happy to know more – book a time in my calendar

If you are interested in the transcript of my video. Please let me know and I will send it to you. Thanks.

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