What is essential to you in life?

These are my categories as I am writing: my kids & family, a happy – purposeful professional life, friends & social, personal development, relationship, financial independence, health & wellness, leisure.

One of my coaching tools is called the balanced wheel exercise. The purpose of this exercise is to assist my clients with prioritizing their work/life to ensure greater balance and increased overall satisfaction.

With this tool, I invite my client to think of some categories of their work/life (essential in life) in which they are currently engaged. Some of them could be the same as mine, but they might have other ones.

Then I would invite them to rate each of the categories in terms of their current satisfaction on a scale of 1 to 10. Once they have visualized the wheel, I could ask them: What do you notice? If you were to be more satisfied with one category, would that positively impact the other categories?

This exercise is a great tool to prioritize what could have a significant impact on my client’s overall happiness & performance. If you are interested in doing this exercise with me, please reach out to me by message or book a 45-minute complimentary call on my calendar.

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