September 17th 2019 I shared on LinkedIn (now also available on Youtube) the results of my one-question survey: “What is one thing preventing you from having the career/life you want?”.

A warm thanks to those who responded to the survey!

I grouped the answers in 7 categories. Categories that I have defined with the help of Catherine Wolters & Dr. Natalia Wiechowski. Thanks to you both!

Added this new sentence Oct 31st.: While working on module III for my group coach/consulting program for sales professionals. I have renamed some main branches of below mindmap to Fear, The Unknown, Judgement, Belief in yourself. As these seem to be characteristics that hold us back.

Unknown: People have a vision, they know they can do more, but maybe don’t know-how.

Judgement: I believe significant career & life changes can only happen when you are in the right place. Probably when everything is going great, but certainly not when you are under stress.

Fear: our mind plays tricks on us. These “negative” patterns are holding us back of thriving.

Belief: you are transitioning. You are learning, growing. There are some moments of excitement and challenges.

Sales: how do we differentiate ourself from the competition and competitive clutter.

External factors: unfortunately, leaders that aren’t great. Only 33% of employees are engaged, the rest are not – poll of Gallup.

What We Want: the place we all want to be.

Any thoughts, remarks are very welcome! Thanks again to all and any additional remarks are welcome in the survey “what is preventing you …” — no names and emails are required and will only take one minute of your time — this is the link.

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PS: Hereby the Mindmap

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