I want to create a new Coach Consulting program for Sales Leaders. If you want to inject excitement back into my career? This post is for you. You can listen to the video on LinkedIn or Youtube.

Salespeople love helping customers and building solutions that meet their needs. They know the thrill when closing a big deal. Possible downsides are the “unproductive” bi-weekly pipeline, forecast and commitments reviews. You have been doing the “same” thing for years (learning?) and, you know you have more in you than what you are doing now. This program will interest you.



The Sales Leaders Group Program will help the participants overcome every challenge that may prevent them from moving from “Current State” A to achieve “Your Big Dream/Goal” B.


How does it works?

1) Seven weeks – Seven modules The participants to the program will have access to 7 modules & worksheets (at the beginning in-person to finetune) that bring them from A to B.

2) Weekly call Every program member will have the opportunity to ask questions they may have. The other Sales Leaders and I will provide our insight into their issue. Once all participants first questions have been addressed, we will listen to your second possible challenge, and so on.



Are you interested to do something new by not losing what you have built? Then this coach consulting training program for Sales Leaders is for you. Please send me a message for more info.



Hugh van Praet

I help businesses and individuals to move forward.


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