Hello, have you ever asked yourself why did I start this? Why should I do something difficult?

What did you learn from it? I’ll tell you at the end. In 1989 I chose to do my military service with the Belgium Para Commandos. All people who join this regiment is by personal choice after tests. Why did I choose this regiment? I wanted to prove to myself that I could do something tough, and I wanted my parents to be proud of me.

I can assure you that the first 6 months of my military service, I asked myself, why the hell did I choose this regiment?? I could have chosen another regiment and do it as an officer. I chose as a trooper/soldier with the Para Commandos.

I learned so much during these 15 months. The result is, of course, some recognition, but far more importantly; I learned so much on myself. I learned to live with people of all backgrounds; I went beyond my physical and moral limits; I experienced high-level adrenaline in a C130 before jumping out the plane. And last but not least, I participated in a humanitarian rescue operation in Rwanda.

So as a takeaway, I would encourage everyone to undertake a challenge, even if it frightens you. As during this period you will learn amazing things about yourself and others. This why should I do something difficult will encourage you to go for it.

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