Take risks to win rewards = achieving our Big Dream Big. Kobe Bryant and Paulo Coelho were working on a children’s book. Following AP sports writer Greg Beacham, Bryant was a fan of Coelho’s and called “The Alchemist” his favourite book.

“The Alchemist” follows the journey of a shepherd boy named Santiago. It’s a story where Santiago has a dream that lingers in the back of his mind. A dream that seems unachievable, but nothing could be further from the truth.

I want to share 3 underlying messages that I got out of this book:

– To understand our “purpose”, we first have to open our eyes, ears and heart that will point us in the right direction.

– The only thing that is holding us back is ourselves. There are many reasons why not to do something, but at the end of the day, we have our lives under control.

– We must take risks to win rewards. Along the way, we will fail, but we must get back up to reach our goal.

In conclusion, if we don’t pursue our purpose, we will become like the baker.

Did you enjoy “The Alchemist”? What were your takeaways? I can only recommend this book to inspire you to reach your big dream.

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