Before highlighting why I believe that company values drive sales, I have a few questions for you:

How do you feel or act when your values aren’t aligned with your employer’s values? Will you keep working with a supplier that makes you mad?

I’ll shed some light on these two questions while underscoring why your customer-facing team wants to be inspired by your company values, so they are confident and can stand out while working with customers.

  1.  I have a customer that was struggling to grow their business. Through the teams’ interest in improving the status quo, one of the outcomes was to create an enhanced “GREAT Customer Experience Journey” based on the companies values.
  2. Another ongoing customer wants to help SME’s grow their online business. In this case, part of the solution is to provide an orientation path on how employees can make the right decision in challenging situations based on the co. values.
  3. Company branding should be done by every team member in your co., not only a few. When every team agrees with the interpretation of your co. values, they will be your ambassadors to acquire the right talent, attract new prospects and, hopefully, new customers in place of loosing existing customers.

Enough studies confirm that employee motivation and engagement is boosted when individual and team values are aligned.

What are your core strategies to drive Sales? Do you agree that core values drive your sales performance?

PS: This article was first posted on my LinkedIn. I would be thrilled to have your thoughts below this post or please reach out to me through this link.


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