Guiding Progress likes working with customers who have a continuous improvement mindset. That realise that they can drive the customer experience with the employee experience. They want to make their customer-facing employees more resilient and empowered through the Employee Experience of their company.
I want to share two interesting articles that could benefit you with the above in mind + a customer success story. 

The first article of Mckinsey titled “From touchpoints to journeys: Seeing the world as customers do“.

I want to share three bullet points of this article for reflection: 

  • Organisations that fail in the end-to-end experience prompt a downpour of negative consequences; from customer defection,higher cost and lower employee morale
  • Don’t only manage/measure the individual touchpoints (web, sales, call center, …) but manage the client’s journey. 
  • One of their customers had the following benefits after working on a true cross-functional customer experience journey: they saw a 50% increase in customer satisfaction, a 15% reduction in costs and an increase of 20% in employee satisfaction

A Forbes article is the second one I would like to share: “The importance of Establishing Company Core Values – And How To Define Them“.

For us, improving the customer experience journey and company & individual core values go hand in hand. Here again, we would like to share three bullet points for reflection: 

  • “50% of executives now agree that corporate culture can influence productivity, creativity, profitability, firm value and growth rates.”
  • “The first step in establishing your company’s core values is identifying a list of key traits.” “If your culture were a person, how would you describe its personality?” Just imagine that your employee values arent aligned with your company values. What impact do you think it will have on your business? 
  • Once you’ve shared the core values with all your employees, it’s time to share them publicly. A great example is Zappos.

Customer Case

In Q1 2021, we were very fortunate and happy to have worked with a European leader in building skating rinks. Besides that, they are also specialised in industrial cooling and heating systems. 
2020 was a year like no other for many companies. The impact was hard on revenue & profit. Still, the CEO, noticed that the pandemic impacted some of his staff members professional identity (his exact words “perte de repères”).
Together with the CEO, we worked on a program that could positively impact his staff’s overall resilience and wellbeing. We decided to work with five team leaders in charge of operational team members and customer-facing responsibilities. 
After five one-one sessions and two half-day workshops, these five team leaders felt energised, creative and had some new tools and insights to lead and communicate by example. These capabilities will help them interact with staff members even better to boost their overall morale and performance. They also believe this could contribute to an even better customer experience journey.

The CEO realised also that enhancing the Customer experience journey through the Employee Experience, the customer-facing employees are more resilient and empowered.


As leaders, we care about our team members as we realise they define who we are, and we know they are crucial to the company’s overall success. For Guiding Progress, we realise that the customer-facing team members aren’t only individual “sport” athletes; they are also part of a team that makes or breaks your organisation’s success. So it’s crucial for everyone that there is an open dialogue where team members are empowered to do their best job.

Another example: Last week, I was talking to a lady leading a sales team. She would often get the same answer when asking how they were doing; namely, we are doing fine. But she was wondering if this is really the case?? I shared with her what she could potentially do to increase or enhance communication. 

If you believe it’s the right time to explore ways to drive the customer experience with the employee experience, we would be happy to know more and see if we can assist you. Please feel free to contact me.
Thanks for your interest and trust in our services. All the best!

Our mission is to help organisations reinvent the way they thinkwork and emotionally connect with clients and future clients in an ever-increasingly digital world. Equipping them with a set of tools and insights to build their new customer experience journey leading to growing their business within the next 12 months. The company’s core values are Do More with Less, Embrace & Drive Change and Build Open & Honest Relationships.”

Hugh van Praet

I help businesses and individuals to move forward.


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