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According to a Gallup report, employee engagement is just 39%!

This means that 61% of all employees have not bought into the ethos and values of the company they represent.

In short, the success (or otherwise) of the company effectively means nothing to them.

And yet, numerous studies have demonstrated that employee engagement is intrinsically linked to customer experience.

Engaged employees are:

  • 3.5 times more likely to arrive early or stay late to complete necessary tasks
  • 4.7 times more likely to do something good for the company even if it is not expected
  • 5.3 times more likely to speak up and recommend improvements
  • 8.8 times more likely to recommend your company as a good place to work

Companies with high levels of employee engagement are:

  • Up to 4 times more profitable than similar organizations with low levels of employee engagement
  • 43% more productive
  • 87% more likely to retain staff

Add to that the fact that a positive customer experience increases retention rates by 30%, and it’s easy to see why employee engagement is crucial to success.

We believe many companies could improve employee engagement and thus customer experience if their frontline agents understood and connected with the company’s strategy & core values.

My name is Hugh van Praet, Principal at Guiding Progress. I like to say that I found my professional purpose in helping individuals and businesses elevate their performance.
Like most people, I started off doing what I was “told” to do: go to school, get an education and most importantly, get a good job. Well, I did all, and I am thankful to have done it too.

But after several years as a sales executive with companies such as Oracle, IBM, and smaller high-tech start-ups. I felt I was not fulfilling my purpose; I felt I had more in me, and that’s the reason I decided to create my own path on December 27th, 2016.

I decided to move to another country, something I always wanted to do. As that was not enough, I also took my destiny into my own hands as an entrepreneur.

It’s been an awesome journey with both victories and setbacks — one which has led me to what I am doing today with lots of excitement and pride.

Why the excitement, because clients with whom I work fuel me this energy. Why pride; because my corporate clients see a dramatic improvement in their team alignment; entrepreneurs and business leaders develop their wellbeing and productivity.

They are my best references next to the fact that I was very honoured, blessed and excited to be awarded the Vivian Prokop Mirchandani mentorship prize in 2019, this out of 3,000 skilled Futurpreneur mentors.

As a native English, French and Dutch speaker, with working proficiency in German and Spanish, I enjoy doing different types of sports, discovering the world and learning about other cultures.

Last but not least, I am a proud father; my daughter is a graduate of Imperial College in London, and my son is finishing his masters at Louvain la Neuve in Belgium. They are the reason I returned back to Belgium in March 2020 after 3 incredible years in Canada

My ideal individual clients

Getting Started
  1. Life Pillars
  2. Core Value
  3. What makes us happy professionally
Goal Setting
  1. Routines
  2. Defining your goals
Overcome Obstacles
  1. What is in the way.
  2. How to overcome them.
Grow Your Skills
  1. Communication
  2. Leadership
  3. Growth you want
Grow Your Skills
  1. Story Telling
  2. Start a “side hustle” 1st or 2nd business
Personal Branding
  1. LinkedIn
  2. Articles
  3. Strategic Networking
Steps to Goal
  1. Vision
  2. Identity & Goals
  3. Values
  4. Capabilities
  5. Priorities
  6. Environment