Is your sales team performing as expected? High employee churn rate? Is creativity in place to challenge the status quo? What’s the process to get value out of this creativity to ensure innovation? Wish to expand your market? Is customer satisfaction low? Do you have challenges closing projects/opportunities?

Sales Consulting

Approach to solving the problem

Assessment sales process

What business problem are you solving? Why are you the best option to solve it? Which is your target market? How are you creating awareness and demand generation? Sales execution & processes are ok?

Review & Questioning

Through a thought-provoking and creative process, we review de current way of working and, work out a new approach to maximize the potential.


Now with that clarity in sight, a strategic execution is possible to reach that goal to success. The leader knows who to reach out to if adjustments are needed.

Consulting - Facilitating workshops

Approach to solving the problem
We help you, your team and your organisation learn, train and adopt new ways of working to be even more successful.


Appropriately sense and anticipate changes in the environment.


Based on captured signals, design the most appropriate collective plan.


Deliver your plan while adapting to uncertain conditions.

Is Your company transitioning?

Contact me today to find out how I can help.

Business Testimonials

Read what my colleagues or business partners have to say.

It has been a privilege to have worked with Hugh on some large opportunities. Hugh is a dedicated and inspiring person, with the right attitude and specially a proper understanding of how things work in both personal as business relationships. Hugh is a natural motivator and makes sure that the team and the individuals excel. I would regard it as a pleasure to work with Hugh again.
Principal Presales Consultant, Informatica
Erik Horsting
Hugh is a sales professional, respected by customers and peers.
He is a true gentleman, very pleasant to work with him.
Fin Apps Veteran. Now at
Alex Vandenbrauene
It has been my pleasure to work with Hugh on several deals during his Oracle days. Hugh connects easily, is somebody you can trust and count on and has a good sense and level of creativity making deals come through.
CEO Nebuladom, Director ComConnect & Presidente EUROCAMARA Republica Dominicana
Hans Witsenboer

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