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For You: Coaching, Mentoring or MentorCoach Program

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For your Business

– Low customer retention and/or high employee churn (Drive Customer Experience with the Employee Experience)
– M&A: integration of customer-facing teams (Mercer: 30% of transactions fail to meet financial targets due to culture issues)
– Opening a sales office in another European country or North America (company structure, communication & cultural differences)


Employee engagement is far too low cf. Gallup’s report. 

We believe that many companies could improve the customer experience, employee engagement and drive growth if their frontline agents have a better Understanding and Connection with the Company’s Strategy & Core Values in an ever-increasingly digital world. 


The way we drive Customer Experience with the Employee Experience is by using a method that creates a sense of empathy. So it’s a bottom-up and a top-down where everybody’s walking the talk.

1 in 2 sales reps is not meeting their numbers. This because of their inability to offer a different perspective, respond in the context of the customer, seek to leverage their and their companies’ uniqueness, and channel customer emotions and take control when needed (some info is coming from the “The Challenger Sale” book). 


Our unique value to you is our bespoke services are based on a three-pillar services approach performed by experienced executives with a proven sales track record. Our objective is to help you grow your business by improving the customer experience and reducing your costs (e.g. better employee engagement). 

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  • Why you can build on your past accomplishments to lead with impact
  • The 3-step process with regard to personal development
  • The 3-step process to expand your perspective
  • The 5-tools to help you with your team

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